Our passion led us here.

The world is pretentious. Your coffee shouldn't be.

The man who introduced me to coffee taught me everything I know about hard work and determination. He was up before the sun. He never complained. He listened more than he spoke. He was hard and fair, and he carried a green thermos of hot black coffee every single morning.

Long before it was vogue to serve foam and sugar with a splash of coffee and a side of designer handbag selfies & political views, America was built on the backs of hard working dreamers. Men and women who rose early, worked late, and were proud of what they could build for their families.

Each time I smell coffee, I go back to the mornings Dad would twist off that thermos cap that became a little cup... pour some Joe in it, and pass it over carefully. From the hands that planted the seed, to the backs of the workers who picked the cherries, the hopes and dreams and ambitions of every single person who washed, shipped and roasted the beans - there was so much more than coffee in that cup.

Blue Collar Joe isn't coffee. It's a way of life, and if you share that lifestyle with us - we raise our mug to you.

Good Farmers. Great Coffee.

At BCJ Coffee Co it’s our goal to shake the hand of the farmer who’s growing your bean.  There is something authentic about seeing the pride in their eyes.



Our Brazilian beans are sourced from a 4th generation coffee farm. The D'Barbosa family grows, harvests and exports their own beans - choosing to work directly with the Roasters who are buying their coffee.


It takes over 30,000 labor hours to harvest a million pounds of our Costa Rican coffee cherries, and less than 300,000 survive mill classification for export.


Our PNG beans are grown in the Kiam region. At harvest they are pulped, washed and sun dried in the Highlands where it's less humid, then transported another 200 miles to the port of Lae.


Our hand built San Franciscan Roaster allows us to measure time by the second, and temperature to the tenth of a degree. There is no substitute for quality craftsmanship.


We cup and score every roast profile before adding it to our line up, and we ship our whole bean coffee the day we roast it. Always fresh. Never bitter.


At Blue Collar Joe Coffee Co we believe in giving back.  Through our charitable arm  BCJ Serves, we’ve committed to set aside $1 from the sale of each bag of coffee to fund our ” Hand Up not Hand Out ” initiative.   Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.  We invite any member of our subscription club to nominate a hard worker who’s back is against the wall.  Every $1000 raised will be donated through our grassroots charity arm to help someone who deserves it.

coffee beans and bags

Marta Bayter Montenegro, a single mother of two in Colombia, is the owner of El Vergel Estate.  She understands how important support is. With her two sons (Shady & Elias) she employs a group of 18 brave woman on their coffee farm. Through hard work and determination they have been able to change the lifestyles of these women. They are now economically independent specialty coffee pickers and a part of the El Vergel Family. The Marta Rubi project was created to raise awareness of the incredible micro-lot single origin coffee that comes from their farm, while donating 50% of the profits to the women farmers directly.  It’s called the Marta Rubi project, and BCJ couldn’t be happier to support it!  


Our charity work wouldn’t be possible without the help of others.  Let us know if you’re interested in joining us to make the world a better place for everyone.