12 Oz Bag of Coffee

12 Oz Bag of Coffee



Choose from any of our single origin roasts or blends.  Available in whole bean or the grind size you choose.

Clean and Perk is our darkest most caffeinated blend.  Guatemala and PNG have a bolder flavor.  Brazil is a smooth nutty coffee.  Colombia is a classic roast.  Huckleberry is our most popular blend – smooth and sweet.  Breakfast Blend is a medium bodied roast.  Our African coffee has bold fruity notes.  It’s a washed Organic bean from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.  The Decaf is from Mexico and has a great body and a rich earthy boldness that’s surprisingly fun.

Single Bag orders will ship USPS First Class Mail.  Order 2 or more bags and they will ship USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail.  Tracking included.


Support Blue Collar and fuel your dream with the same cup of Joe.


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