How does BCJ’s Coffee Club work?

Our Coffee Club makes sure you always have a top shelf bag of freshly roasted coffee waiting for your cup.  You choose the roast and region.  You choose whole bean or ground.  There are no contracts and you’re not locked into a commitment.  You can switch up the coffee you get each month, or you can “set it and forget it” and get the same bag or bags each month.  Shipping is ALWAYS free with subscription, and you can cancel anytime you want.  We earn your business every single month by roasting the freshest, best tasting coffee and delivering it to your doorstep.

How can I change my coffee selection for my next shipment?

You may have a favorite roast, and you may find the fun of Coffee Club is trying different beans each month!  If you want to switch up your coffee and try something new, follow these steps.  Click on My Account in the upper right corner of our website.  On mobile, it’s in the drop down menu in the upper right corner.  You will need to be logged in to make changes.  You should have received a user name and password when you initially signed up for Coffee Club.  If you can’t remember your user name, shoot us an email at and we will help you out.  Once you’re logged in, select: 

My Subscription on the left hand menu.  You should see your Coffee Club choice along with the region and grind preference you first selected when you signed up.  Just below, there is an option to : 

Switch My Coffee.  This will take you back to the website, to the screen where you choose the region and the grind preference.  Now choose the new coffee you want to try, tell us if you prefer whole bean or ground, and click:

Save My Changes.  You’ll be taken to a screen that says ” Your monthly coffee selection has been switched.  Please confirm by clicking view cart ” 

Click on the View Cart button.  You should now see your new coffee selection in your monthly subscription product.  It will show the reoccurring monthly total, but your Subtotal and Total will say $0.00.  If you are satisfied with your new coffee selection, then click:

Confirm My Coffee Selection  You’ve just switched up the regional roast we’re gonna send ya!  To finalize these changes, click:

Confirm My Coffee Selection one last time and you’re all set.  You will see a page verifying that your order has been received with a total of $0 and you will get an email saying the same.  

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this experience, please pass them along! 

When will I get my coffee?

Within a week, and Coffee Club shipping is ALWAYS free. 

BCJ’s Single Bag ( our 1 bag a month subscription option ) is shipped USPS First Class Mail.  You’ll get an email the moment your coffee is bagged and processed for shipment.  Within 24 hours, you’ll have a valid tracking number.  Most First Class Mail packages are delivered within 3-4 days in the continental US.  

All other Coffee Club options are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  You’ll get an email the moment they are boxed up and a valid tracking number within 24 hours.  Most Priority Mail is shipped guaranteed delivery in 2-3 days.  

What if I order coffee – without a Subscription?

Individual orders are processed as they come in.  We are a specialty grade small batch roaster, and we hand roast our coffee as orders come in to guarantee its freshness and quality.  We roast on Mondays and Wednesdays, and your order will be processed the day following a roast day.  We let our beans rest for 48 hours before grinding – so whole bean orders will be shipped the day following a roast day, and ground coffee will be shipped two days after roast.  Most ground coffee is shipped on Wed/Friday/Sat.

Individual Coffee Order Shipping – There is a flat rate shipping charge of $2.00 on individual coffee bag purchases. 

BCJ’s Blue Collar Sampler – There is a flat rate $5 shipping charge on the Blue Collar Sampler.  This is our most popular option for trying several smaller bags of BCJ’s coffee, and we ship the Blue Collar Sampler Priority Mail with tracking.  Most Priority Mail is shipped guaranteed delivery in 2-3 days.

What if I’ve forgotten my User Name or Password? 

No problem!  Simply shoot us an email at and let us know.  We can look up your username and we can reset your password.  You will get a system generated email with a temporary password and be back in business.